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We price by the *board foot, rather than the linear foot.  Board foot is volume of the beam,   You can follow the provided link to an off-site board foot calculator, and plug in our price per board foot.  Or you're welcome to call or text Steve Bradbury (of the San Antonio/La Vernia division ) or Jeremy Sutterfield (of the College Station division) to ask for specific prices. Their numbers and email addresses are listed in the Contact Us page.  

Hand hewn beams.......... $9/board foot

Rough sawn beams (limited quantities)

Threshing Floor boards (the thick floor boards of the barns) ....... $16/sq. ft

We also have several different types of antique barn siding boards. Contact Steve or Jeremy for pricing information on them. Siding begins at $8 per *sq. ft and goes up from there. 

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